In the present times, be it a personal obligations, be it social gatherings, be it household chores or fulfilling our dreams, we simply don't have time for anything.

Now, in this fierce rush of the current times, it's difficult to build a dream home on time. The respective costs of construction are touching the skies, and affordable housing options seem like a thing of the past. With our ever expanding cities & towns, the biggest issue is - how to manage this recurring problem?

To bring speed, quality and efficiency into construction, precast is the solution, definitely, it is going to play an important role in future construction all over the world, especially in India. Precast concrete has been used in India by the infrastructure industry for a long time, to build structures like tunnels, bridges, metro railway lines and fly-over's.

The next evolution will see greater use of precast concrete in residential buildings. Building construction is witnessing significant automation, and builders are now more ready to experiment with new techniques and building materials. Modular, ready-to-use structures are gaining popularity as they possess the aesthetic appeal of modern construction as well as cost-effectiveness.

The primary cost benefits of precast are derived from the speed of construction and the optimization of raw material. Integrated engineering design and detailing make it possible for precast buildings to be erected in a fraction of the time that it would take a conventional building to be erected. These time savings contribute to lower interest during construction costs and the advantage of commencing commercial activities far earlier.

The optimization of raw material has the effect of reducing the material cost of the building and the lower weight of the structures brings about significant savings in the foundation cost. Over the last two years, intensive research and development efforts have been carried out focusing on the core of the entire house building process of acquiring a roof over one's head in India and addressing all issues connected to it, including access to credit, socio-economic factors, constructiontechnologyetc.

In view of catering this growing need, especially in NCR Region Supertech Group is the first one in northern India to set up a very large factory in Greater Noida for production of all the precast concrete building elements using latest Precast Concrete Technology.